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DateType of MeetingAgendaPacketMinutesAttachments
April 28, 2023Board Of Directors2023-04-28 Agenda2023- 04-28 Packet
April 20, 2023Consortium Meeting2023-04-20 Agenda2023- 04-20 Packet2023-04-20 Consortium Minutes
January 27, 2023Board Of Directors2023-01-27 Agenda2023- 01-27 Packet2023-01-27 Board Minutes
January 17, 2023Consortium Board2023-01-17 Agenda2023- 01-17 Packet2023-01-17 Consortium Minutes
October 28, 2022Joint Board of Directors and Consortium Board2022-10-28 Agenda2022-10-28 Packet2022-09-07 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
September 07, 2022Executive Committee2022-09-07 Agenda2022-09-07 Packet2022-09-07 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
August 26, 2022Board of Directors2022-08-26 Agenda2022-08-26 Packet2022-08-26 Board Meeting Minutes
June 24, 2022Board of Directors2022-06-24 Agenda2022-06-24 Packet2022-06-24 Board Meeting MinutesOED Economic Update
Behavioral Health Program Update
YDD Success Story
June 24, 2022Consortium Board2022-06-24 Agenda2022-06-24 Packet2022-06-24 Consortium Minutes
May 27, 2022Consortium Board2022-05-27 Agenda2022-05-27 Packet2022-05-27 Consortium Minutes
April 22, 2022Board of Directors2022-04-22 Agenda2022-04-22 Packet2022-04-22 Board MinutesOED Economic Update
January 28, 2022Board of Directors2022-01-28 Agenda2022-01-28 Packet2022-01-28 Board MinutesAttachment 6.1 - NOW Audit Report
October 29, 2021Joint Board of Directors and Consortium Board2021-10-29 Agenda2021-10-29 Packet2021-10-29 Board and Consortium Minutes
June 25, 2021Board of Directors2021-06-25 Board Agenda2021-06-25 Board Packet2021-06-25 Board Minutes
June 25, 2021Consortium Board2021-06-25 Consortium Agenda2021-06-25 Consortium Packet2021-06-25 Consortium Minutes
April 23, 2021Board of Directors2021-04-23 Board Agenda2021-04-23 Board Packet2021-04-23 Board Minutes
January 22, 2021Board of Directors2021-01-22 Board Agenda2021-01-22 Board Packet2021-01-22 Board Minutes
January 22, 2021Consortium Board2021-01-22 Consortium Agenda2021-01-22 Consortium Packet2021-01-22 Consortium Minutes
December 1, 2020Executive Committee2020-12-01 ExC Agenda2020-12-01 ExC Packet
October 23, 2020Joint Board of Directors and Consortium Board2020-10-23 Agenda2020-10-23 Packet2020-10-23 Board and Consortium Minutes
August 28, 2020Board of Directors2020-08-28 Board Agenda2020-08-28 Board Packet2020-08-28 Board Minutes
June 26, 2020Board of Directors2020-06-26 Board Agenda2020-06-26 Board Packet2020-06-26 Board Minutes
June 26, 2020Consortium Board2021-06-26 Consortium Agenda2021-06-26 Consortium Packet2021-06-26 Consortium Minutes