We are excited to share the success stories of people in our region who have successfully utilized our programs to launch their careers.

Celestia Manoa recently completed her first job experience through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Training Program. Celestia learned about the program through her current employer, Siltronic. She was able to take part in On-the-Job Training and received a few bonuses to help kick-start her journey. She received gas cards to help with transportation costs and was also able to purchase work clothes for the job. Through the program, Celestia says that she “learned about the importance of being successful,” which ultimately helped her to secure her first job.

She believed that the best benefit of the program was gaining the job itself, but receiving the gas cards and the clothing for work made a big difference in relieving her stress from the expenses required to obtain and sustain the job. It was just the jump-start she needed to get signed up with the OJT program. We congratulate Celestia on her accomplishment and wish her continued success in the future.