Northwest Oregon Works is committed to supporting impacted employees and businesses to the greatest extent possible. To this end, we have summarized below the current guidance on how both workers and employers can access support in Oregon. As you are aware, the situation is evolving fairly quickly and therefore we included links to pertinent information to ensure you have the latest information.

Unemployment Insurance - Individuals who cannot work may apply for unemployment insurance. Please know that applications can be completed online through this site

If a business is experiencing impacts from COVID-19 and need assistance, please direct them to the following resources:

WorkShare – a program that helps businesses avoid layoffs by leveraging unemployment insurance (UI) to subsidize a portion of lost wages.
Rapid Response – is a task force specifically designed to promote economic recovery and vitality by planning with businesses to avert or respond to layoffs and dislocations to prevent or minimize the impact on workers, businesses and, communities. Our team will work directly with businesses and their employees to assist in layoff aversion strategies, help affected workers apply for unemployment benefits, find access to health care resources and training so they can get back to work rapidly.

Please follow these instructions if you would like to register for a virtual Rapid Response session.

Other Helpful Resources:
Business Oregon Resources

Small Business Administration Resources

Up to date announcements

Rapid Response Health Insurance Marketplace Video

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